Formative research, baseline, and endline in Schools and Health Care Facilities of Siraha district


Objective and Scope of work: The study aimed to conduct situation analysis survey, formative research, baseline, and end-line surveys in 15 Schools and 15 Health Care facilities (HCFs) of Siraha district. The specific objective are as follows:

  • Conduct the situation analysis survey to assess the access and use to water, sanitation and hygiene status and its infrastructure in schools and HCFs.
  • Conduct formative research to understand the hygiene practices, behavioral determinants, barrier, and motives to practices behaviour and gap for intervention to change hygiene behavior.
  • Conduct water quality as per the NDQS parameter.
  • Conduct baseline survey to examine the WASH status (access, inclusiveness, functionality, improved ladder and operation and maintenance (O&M), institutional arrangements to ensure sustainability) and to assess the hygiene practices among primary target populations in schools and HCFs.
  • Conduct end line survey to assess the effect of the intervention using WAN’s evaluation policy and standards.


1.3 Scope of workThe scope of work for the assignment includes conducting formative research (together with water quality testing) for exploring the existing status of WASH status in schools and health facilities which will provide background information as well as necessary inputs for designing the project. Furthermore, the assignment will also include conducting baseline and end line survey which will measure the benchmark at the start of the project and project accomplishment (success) by the end of the project. Baseline and endline surveys will be primarily focused on measuring project indicators as per the M&E framework of the project. The consulting form will develop detail research protocol for each of the study, develop study methodology, design data collection tools, implement the fieldwork (data collection), data analysis and write reports.

  • Duration: 4th October 2021 to 30 May 2023.Study area: SirahaStudy team: Dr. Deependra Kaji Thapa, Mr.Janak Thapa, Ms. Simona Karki and Ms. Salina Thapa

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October 22, 2021