Mid-term Evaluation-SUNITA- Nepal


The report: The objective of this report is an assessment of the Sunita project’s mid-term indicators related to its intended impact, outcome, and four outputs. The report compares these indicators with the project’s baseline survey data and three-year targets. The report also includes recommendations for any necessary changes or adjustments required to attain the set three-year targets successfully. By evaluating the Sunita project’s progress and performance at this midpoint, the report seeks to provide valuable insights and guidance to ensure the project stays on track and achieves its desired outcomes within the designated timeframe.

Sunita (a girl’s name meaning Justice), a collaboration between EMMS International and INF Nepal, aims to provide tested, cost-effective, sustainable, and networked primary and specialist palliative care services in western Nepal. Targeting vulnerable individuals with advanced illnesses, their carers, and economically disadvantaged populations at risk of health-related financial crises and sex inequality, the initiative is implemented by EMMS and INF Nepal directly and through five more established Nepali organisations: the Nepalese Association of Palliative Care (NAPCare), Gurkha Welfare Trust (GWT), Human Development and Community Service (HDCS), Sahodar Hospital, and Lamjung Hospital Lamjung.

Partner: EMMS Schotland


Dr. Janak Thapa

Ms. Pragya Pokhrel

Ms. Pabitra Magar

Ms. Salina Thapa


Posted on

December 22, 2023