Antimicrobial Resistance Guideline Development

Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) is burning challenge to public health and medical practices worldwide. There has been various attempts to prevent and reduce AMR. Various international agencies including WHO are working in this area for decades. However, problem of AMR is higher in low income countries, particularly low resource settings. 

There has been sporadic interventions to prevent AMR in Nepal as well. Various organizations are involved in raising awareness against AMR but there is no standard guideline from Nepal government to tackle this burning problem. 

In this regard, Curative Service Division, Department of Health Service initiated to develop AMR Guideline and PHRD Nepal is consulting partner for this guideline development. 



To develop guideline of Antimicrobial Resistance



  1. Review of National Policies and Regulations
  2. Review of scientific papers, standard international and national documents including WHO’s publications
  3. Consultative meetings with stakeholders
  4. Interactive Workshop


December 2019 – onward


Curative Service Division

Department of Health Services

Ministry of Health and Population

Working Area

Kathmandu, Nepal