Develop the Health Policy in Haripur Municipality, Sarlahi, Madesh Province

Development of Health Policy in Haripur Municipality, Sarlahi

Background: Nepal recently moved from a unitary system to a federal system with three tiers of government. The constitution of Nepal 2015 has envisioned, country into seven provinces, 77 districts, 753 palikas and 6743 wards.  Main aspect of the Constitution of Nepal, 2015 is the transfer of power from central/federal to the provincial and local government. Palika has being considered as the smallest electoral unit in Federalism which has several potential opportunities along with challenges on health system. Palika has the accountability to ensure health and education as its priority. Palikas has to ensure proper delivery of preventive, promotive and curative health services through different levels of health institutions and regulate all activities related to health services at the ward level. The palikas have to work to improve efficiency, address disparities and improve the health status of the people by assuring equitable access to quality health care services.

According to constitution of Nepal, 2015 decisions making power has been also devolved to federal, provincial and palikas so that they can make decision for the betterment of health services at local level. The local level (palikas) has the autonomy to make local laws, acts, policies and strategies within their jurisdictions.

For the development of Health Policy, PHRD Nepal collected the Focus group discussions and KII with the target group and stakeholders with the help of local supporters in Haripur municipality. Collected data were translated and transcribed. Transcribed data were analyzed and developed the draft health policy of Haripur municipality.

Process of health policy development:

  1. Consultation meeting and consensus-building
  2. Formation of Policy Working Group
  3. Desk Review and Secondary data collection
  4. Analysis of Policy Documents
  5. Development of data collection tools
  6. In-depth interview
  7. Focus Group Discussion
  8. Workshop conduction


  • Technical support to develop the health policy in Haripur Municipality.
  • Facilitate and support municipal level in preparing health policy.
  • Formation and orientation of municipal level steering committee and technical working group.
  • Qualitative information gathering
  • Key stakeholder workshop and validation.
  • Finalalization of health policy and submission.

Partner: RWUA/Save the Children, Nepal

Duration: June 2022- September 2022


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August 4, 2022