Health and Nutrition Contingency Planning


Contingency planning is a management tool used to analyse the impact of potential crises and ensure that adequate and appropriate arrangements are made in advance to respond in a timely, effective and appropriate way to the needs of the affected population. Emergency preparedness consists of all activities taken in anticipation of a crisis to expedite effective emergency response. This includes contingency planning, but is not limited to it.


Nepal is prone to different types of disasters, which occur on an annual basis. In the past, efforts have been concentrated on responding to disasters as they occur. Such efforts have been successful in ensuring the reduction in avoidable mortality and morbidity due to the disaster. At the national level, the disaster response strategy is endorsed by the government. In the health sector, the Health Sector Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response Plan for Nepal was put together in 2003.

Efforts are currently ongoing to operationalize the plan, to instill a standard operating procedure in the country. In addition to the national plan, there is a high need to have an operational plan at the local level. Earthquake of 2015 and its damage aware people to have contingency planning for such emergency situations.  Nepal Public Health Research and Development Center had supported in the development of Health and nutrition contingency plan in different the then 18 VDCs of three earthquake affected districts of Nepal i.e., Gorkha, Nuwakot and Rasuwa.

Project Objectives

  • To prepare contingency plan related to health and nutrition in selected local units of Rasuwa, Gorkha and Nuwakot district

Project Activities

  • Review of existing documents

  • Field visits and VDC level workshop conduction in respective local levels

  • Drafting and finalization of plan

  • Dissemination of plan

Project timeline

6 months (2016)

Working areas

Project Partner

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