Term of Reference Development of Health facilities


Major Activity: To develop Term of Reference (ToR) of various levels of health facilities on the basis of Public Health Regulation 2077.

Step 1:  Pre-planning meeting will be organized with key government officials like MoHP, DG, key officers from concern division, and PHRD Nepal tream.

Step 2: Consultative meetings will be done with the Technical Working Group (TWG) at Curative Service Division. Feedback and suggestion will be adjusted as provided by TWG.

Step 3: Preparation and consultation meetings/virtual with MoHP, DoHS, a subject expert on a Term of Reference various level health facilities.

Step 4: Consultation on the first draft of the Term of Reference of various health facilities with  DoHS, MoHP, Management Division, PHRD Nepal, and subject experts.

Step 5: Consultative meeting about the final draft of Term of Reference will be done by the senior management team at MoHP, DoHS, MD, NHPL, NHTC, PHRD Nepal, and subject expert and submission and process for endorsement.

Partner: Curative Service Division (CSD), DoHS, MoHP

Duration: 2078/1/06 to 2078/3/10


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May 21, 2021