Transforming well-being of women and girls through health and social norms change interventions


Scope of Work: The top independent global development organization, VSO employs a mix of local, national, and foreign volunteers to carry out its mission. Since 1964, VSO has been working in Nepal to better the lives of the poor, with a special emphasis on marginalized populations, especially women and girls who are at risk. Since people are the most important factor in escaping poverty, VSO aim to empower people, make public services inclusive and accessible, and hold decision-makers accountable through the Volunteering for Development Approach. With funding from FCDO, VSO is carrying out the ACTIVE (Active Citizens through Inclusive Volunteering and Empowerment) initiative. Through positive contributions to resilient livelihoods (agro-ecology and right to food advocacy and its localization), health (equitable and accessible health systems strengthening), inclusive education (and youth engagement and leadership), the project seeks to contribute to the development of more inclusive, open, resilient, and gender-equitable societies. This multiyear effort uses platforms and processes at both the CSO and government levels.

The VSO Nepal ACTIVE project, which is in its second year of execution since 2022, has a high priority on changing the wellness of women and girls, with a focus on doing so through interventions that alter societal norms and comprehensive health care. The project also includes focused research and policy reviews on the relationships between social norms, with a focus on child marriage and taboos connected to sexual and reproductive health rights for girls, and how these relationships affect the availability of health services in the Karnali and Madhesh Provinces.

Objectives of the study:

The overall objective of this assignment is to carry out a systemic study on harmful social norms that are impacting the lives of adolescents in accessing the rights and services.

1 Analyze impact of harmful social norms in accessing health services by women and girls,

2 Review the effect of child marriage in overall dignity and wellbeing of women and girls.

3 Document positive outcomes of harmful social norms transformation in women and girl’s empowerment.

Partner: VSO                             Study Area: Rautahat, Bara and Surkhet

Team: Dr. Janak Thapa, Mr. Rakesh Yadav, Ms. Pragya Pokharel, and Mr. Sushant Luitel

Duration: February 2024 to  April 2024


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February 13, 2024